ITSD Kid's Day

The Children of ITSD employees became official county employees for the day as they participated in "Bring Your Child to Work Day." They worked along side their parents learning the ins and outs of our daily work habit.


There were plenty of activities during the day and great food to eat including pizza. The kids enjoyed a nice walk too!


Thโ€‹e Business Systems Unit (BSU) is responsible for managing the resources of large projects. They make sure a project is completed within a certain set of requirements.


Systems Operation Support (SOS) employees answer inquiries or troubleshoot computer problems for a client in-person, on the phone or online. They are network support specialists who assist customers with computer hardware, computer software, printing, program installation, word processing, email and operating systems.


Systems Quality Assurance (SQA) provides the means and also the measures for testing all aspects of a software solution, both functionally and technically, in order to meet the requirements and overall quality of the intended solution.


The Application Development Team (ADT) use programming languages and source code to create software that meets client requirements. The responsibilities vary for developers based on level of experience, type of application platform and employer.

'The Kid's were ready to get to work today!

Visit the Kids Picture Library and check out all the cool things they did today while working with there parents.

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