Today for bring your child to work day is always fun for me. Ive been comming for about 7 years now which mean im now 15, but i still like to come because I get to spend time with my mom and her bestfriend. This year my little sister came with us, I HATE it taking my mom away from me and everything, but I guess since its her first time ill let it slide. today it was the same as every year omg i be getting so bored taking things apart, making a page for a website, the same people always do it i would like a change next year like add a nap time that would be so great. no matter what tho ill always coe till im 18 because who doesnt wanna see me i mean im paulas daughter who dosent love paula and everyone who loves her loves me even more than her. i had a fun time my with my sister like today when i menchened taking stuff apart and putting them back together we had teams of 3 me and my sister were in group 3 with 2 other kids and we won becuase group 2 couldnt turn on and then group 1 forgot there memory card. to end all of this i had a really fun day and will always enjoy this day with my mother.

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