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Frequently Asked Questons: How do I adopt a child?




How do I adopt a child?


Contact San Bernardino County Adoption and Foster Care for an orientation schedule. After you attend the orientation and pick-up an application, you will be invited to the P.R.I.D.E. Training and your homestudy will begin. A homestudy is a series of meetings with a social worker to provide more in-depth information about adoption and help prepare an applicant for parenting an adopted child. The homestudy process consists of individual and joint interviews with both members of a couple or individual interviews with a single person. Applicants will be asked to provide written information about themselves and their life experiences.
Certain documents will also be required: a marriage license, birth certificate, medical report, criminal check and child abuse clearance. Personal character references are also required. The homestudy includes at least one visit to your home by your social worker. The time it takes to complete the homestudy will vary but families who are interested in children with special needs are usually given prompt attention.

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