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Frequently Asked Questons: What is a stepparent adoption?




What is a stepparent adoption?


A stepparent adoption occurs when a stepparent petitions the court for adoption of his/her spouse's child (current spouse of stepparent) from a former marriage/relationship. In order to petition the court for a stepparent adoption, you must be married and living together as a family for a minimum of one year. The rights of the non-custodial parent must be terminated before the minor can be adopted. Termination of parental rights can be achieved through various methods, one of those is consent. Consents are signed before a county clerk, a probation officer or, if designated by the county board of supervisors, or an employee of the county welfare department.

County government handles these requests exclusively, investigations are handled by the Department of Children and Family Services, and all legal issue are handled by the court. For information regarding stepparent adoption, contact the  San Bernardino County Adoption Services at (909) 891-3300 and ask for the Step-Parent Adoption Worker or, the Step-Parent Adoption Program Supervisor.

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