Kimberly Burkhardt BSA II Jane Breucop IT Tech Assistant II Diana Holley Programmer III Laurie Avila Fiscal Specialist
I am one of the SharePoint Administrators here at ITSD. I take care of all tasks related to the support of our SharePoint environment. This includes
• Managing and checking the overall server health and functionality
• Managing SharePoint permissions
• Moving/copying sites
• Regularly analyzing SharePoint content and storage
• Checking for operating system and SharePoint patches and cumulative updates.
My job title is an IT Technician Assistant II.  My primary duty is to grant security access to a variety of State and County applications.  Other duties are to reset State computer passwords and maintain a variety of documents, spreadsheets, websites and manuals.
While doing Graphic Design and freelancing started to notice how computer technology was increasing and advancing.  One day, a friend came to work on our computers and as I was watching them decided to ask how they got into computers.  When they were done, they ask me how serious was I about it? And if I was serious enough to even change careers?  My response was “Yes!” To which they then told me how they went back to school and what they went through.  I few months later I returned to college and received a degree in Information Systems.  My first computer position was as an Application Specialist and a Network Administrator.  Later applied to the County of San Bernardino and entered as an Automated Systems Analyst.  Now am a Programmer on the SQA team developing, testing, and coding various applications and websites.
 What I do in the department is quote everything out that needs to be purchased for various department within the County. Examples would be computers, monitors , printers, T.V’s etc.  I also have to purchase all the big IT equipment that servers that backup all our equipment, wireless items and cisco equipment.  I also have to track everything we buy into the budget to make sure we don’t over spend.  I also have to renew certain software and hardware maintenance agreements for every dept  cause if it an update or upgrade comes up, we can have access to it right away. 
Sandra Diaz BSA II Bette Smith BSA III Debbie Muscatelli Programmer III Helen Stowers AST
My name is Sandra Diaz and as a Business Systems Analyst and I work for the Business Solutions Unit in the ITSD Dept.
My job involves communication (both verbal and written),business requirement gathering and analyzing.
I need to be able to communicate with the customers to see what then customer needs and
I need to communicate with my co-workers, so I can explain to them what the customer wants.
As part of my job, I  also need to write down the customer’s needs and explain to my co-workers how the customer intends to use whatever it is that you need.
Once we find a solutions I present it back to the customer and the customer decides which solution best works for them.
Let’s just say you came to me as my customer and you said you needed the latest and greatest iPhone 6. You needed it to do your job more effectively.
And you also needed it to do some simple tasks for you.
I would need to sit down with you and ask you a bunch of questions and find out
Why you needed the iPhone 6 to do your job? What were the simple tasks you need?
Does it have to be an iPhone 6 or can it be a Samsung Galaxy 6, or maybe something even cheaper?
This part is called gathering the requirements.
Then I have to write down the requirements and I will also need to research the phone and make sure it does all the things you need it too.
I would also meet with my co-workers from the other units and see if
1.) the iPhone was the best option for you and
2.) if my co-workers could create a mobile application for your phone to make it do the simple tasks that you needed it to do. 
After researching the phones and the best price for the phones, my co-workers and I needs to figure out if there is an application
we can buy or if they would have to make an application for your phone.
I would need to meet with you several times along the way and ask you  more questions for clarifications and just to let you know our progress.
I would explain that  you have options and you can choose either my team could build you a new application for your phone or there was one available for purchase like “Workflow” for a fee.
I explain to you that “Workflow” application will let you simple tasks like
* Add a home screen icon that calls a loved one
* Get directions to the nearest Starbucks in one tap
* Tweet the song you're listening to
* Get all of the images on a web page
* Send a message including the last screenshot you took
I also may find some added benefits like – did you know there is apps, on the iPhone that might make your job even easier
Like Songza? It is a music app the creates playlists based on mood, time of day or activity so  you can get motivated before a meeting.
And GroupMe  is an app. you can use that for group chats with all your co-workers and friends.
Depending on how fast you needed the phone with the applications. We could do whatever you decided.  As part of my duties as a Business Systems Analyst,
I am also a Project Manager, which means I am involved in every step along the way until the project gets done. 
I work on the Business Solutions Team here at ITSD.  The primary work I perform is project management.
A project could be:
• Building a new application.
• Purchasing an application from a private company.
• Creating a new website.
• Installing new or updated hardware or software.
The work I complete as a project manager includes:
• Assisting departments in defining their technology needs for their business.
• Documenting business processes to incorporate new technology into the business processes.
• Documenting what the technology solution (application, software, hardware, or web site) must provide to meet the business need.
• Creating work plans and schedules for the project.
• Creating tasks for the project team.
• Monitoring and reporting on the project status.
• Testing the application, software, hardware, or web site.
• Training users on using new applications.
I am a Programmer 3 with ITSD. I have spent the past 24 years clawing my way to the top. Well, ok working for the county of San Bernardino. I have worked many years designing websites, application interfaces and presently work with Sharepoint developing websites and IT solutions for the SQA team. I can Moonwalk also! My cubicle is next to Ashley's and she pesters me all day long! Well most of the time..... And most importantly, I have the most handsome little boy in the world!
Much of what I know is learned on the job daily as needed! I am briliiant and read, read read until I find a solution. Google is my best tool and without it my IT skills would not be what they are today!
My biggest goal is to someday have my own office here at ITSD!
I started back with the county in 1997, working as a Clerk III.  At that time I also went to back school to learn the Microsoft Office Products Word and Excel, Computer Science (the name basic computer knowledge had), and Basic Networking, because it was so interesting to use these tools to automate my job.
After working in Marketing and Contracts I was asked so often for computer assistance that when they started to form an Information Technology Unit, I was asked to join a unit as the “receptionist”, taking tickets for the dispatch to the technicians who made office visits to resolve hardware and software issues or assist the users with various Microsoft Office products.  At this point I went to work part-time for a small company that had about six computers they wanted to network.  With help from a mentor I was able to get a better handle on computing.
 I was then prompted to an Automated Systems Technician.  I was one of the techs who went onsite to troubleshoot workstations, monitors, and printers.  One of my favorite stories is once, when I was sent to work on a computer in a Resource Center (where the general public could use the computers to do job search and resume writing), and as I sat down a man said, “That computer doesn’t work; they’re sending a technician to repair it.”  I kindly said, “Yes, I know, I’m going to do the repair.” He looked at me with a funny look and did make another comment, but I was too busy laughing on the inside to remember his exact words, but he was surprised.
I now work with the Logons Unit.  When a new user is hired, they need a network login to access the computer.  We set up their new network login, email account, and any other access they may need.  We also create mailboxes and shared resources.   There is an old saying “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  I feel like with Information Technology, I’ve found that job!
Best wishes to all you young women!  From a former Brownie and Girl Scout participant.