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  Preschool Services

Preschool Services
Family and Community Engagement

 Family and Community Engagement

Apprenticeship Training Program.pdf
Authorization for Issuance of Immediate.pdf
Authorization for Release of Information.pdf
Childrens Fund Voucher Program.pdf
Checked Out To: Robles, MichaelChildrens Fund Voucher Program.pdf
Checked Out To: Robles, Michael
Community Resource Referral System 211.pdf
Notice to Families of their Responsibility to Notifiy Contractor of Changes to Family Circumstances.pdf
Operation Agreements.pdf
Parent Training.pdf
Parents as Educators.pdf
Parents Role in the Head Start Program.pdf
Referral Policy and Procedure.pdf
Supporting Parents in their Parenting Role.pdf
Final ---Intern and Parent Volunteer Application PY 2019-2020.pdf
FIRE Grant Handbook.pdf
PFCE Handbook.pdf
Mission Statement
"To Improve the Well-Being of Children, Empower Families, and Strengthen Communities."
Vision Statement
Our children will excel in whatever setting they go to next. Our families’ quality of life is measurably better after participating in our programs. Our efforts increase the quantity and quality of sustainable resources and services countywide.