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  Preschool Services

Preschool Services
Special Needs

Disabilities and Special Needs

PSD Disabilities Program serves children with Special Needs that are 0-5 years of age.
If a parent/caretaker thinks their child may have a disability PSD will:
  • Provide screenings based on a potential disability
  • Provide parent with information on how to request formal evaluations from the Inland Regional Center for children ages 0-3 and the local school districts for ages 3-5
  • Help support the parent by explaining their rights under the law
  • Based on the school districts identification of their child's needs PSD will provide appropriate services in the Head Start program
A child enrolled in Head Start with a special needs will:
  • Be taught to be more self-reliant
  • Develop positive, healthy self-concepts
  • Learn to master new skills
  • Increase social skills
  • Plan and learn in the classroom with children without special needs
For ages 3-5, referrals will be made to the following agencies.

Desert Mountain SELPA

East Valley SELPA
Mission Statement
"To Improve the Well-Being of Children, Empower Families, and Strengthen Communities."
Vision Statement
Our children will excel in whatever setting they go to next. Our families’ quality of life is measurably better after participating in our programs. Our efforts increase the quantity and quality of sustainable resources and services countywide.