Message from the Director -

Welcome to the Transitional Assistance Department (TAD) Website. As the County agency administering Public Assistance programs for the eligible residents of San Bernardino County, our Department’s mission  is to, Enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve by providing economic support to individuals and families. We are committed to working collaboratively to provide our services accurately and efficiently, with a high emphasis on integrity, respect and customer service”.
 TAD Goals:
  • Create and send proactive text notifications informing customers of various information and required actions regarding their CalFresh case.
  • Successfully open three new TAD offices, one in Apple Valley and two in San Bernardino.
  • Assist CalFresh customers in obtaining employment and training to move towards prosperity.

Technology and Process Initiatives to
Increase Customer Access and Service “Experience”
Our Department continues to focus efforts on ensuring the customer experience is conducive to access and reducing barriers to participation. Especially important are initiatives that provide ease of access, some high lights include:
  • Self Serve Lobby KIOSK – Kiosks which have the ability to image and accept documents and provide receipts. This technology results in reduced wait times for customers in the lobby.
  • Wireless Bar Code Readers (WBR) - Hand held devices which scan and accept customer documents while in the lobby, providing customer receipts and reducing/eliminating lobby wait times.
  • Child-care rooms with attendants are an essential make-up of our lobby design and service premise, allowing parents who must bring their children to attend to the application process without distraction. 

CSC 1-877-410-8826 (Toll Free)

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