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Welcome to the Transitional Assistance Department (TAD) Website. As the County agency administering Public Assistance programs for the eligible residents of San Bernardino County, our Department’s mission  is to, Enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve by providing economic support to individuals and families. We are committed to working collaboratively to provide our services accurately and efficiently, with a high emphasis on integrity, respect and customer service”.
 TAD established the following Goals for 2016/17:
  1. Increase the total number of eligible families and individuals served by the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program by providing free tax preparation and e-file services for eligible County families and individuals thereby stimulating local economic activity.
  2. Increase the Work Participation Rate (WPR) of recipients of CalWORKs benefits by increasing the number of Welfare to Work (WTW) CalWORKs participants who are engaged in a mandated federal WTW activity.
  3. Maintain the CalFresh (CF) error rate proficiency below the federal tolerance level of six percent (6%) to avoid fiscal sanction.
  4. Provide timely responses to calls from County Residents for Health Care Reform (HCR) from the Customer Service Center (CSC).
 In 2015/16, TAD accomplished the following:
·     Continued to provide free tax preparation services through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program for 17,262 eligible low-income San Bernardino County residents resulting in over $34 million in combined refunds (federal and state), including more than $16.6 million in state and federal Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC). This was a 21% increase over 2015 totals, and more than $24 million estimated local economic activity was generated by EITC.
·     Customer Service Center (CSC) staff continued to provide timely responses to calls from county residents for Health Care Reform (HCR).  CSC staff offered calls from Covered CA Service Centers for coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 30 seconds or less.  Between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016, - 2,199 calls were handled with an average speed of answer of ten (10) seconds.   
·     Continued to increase the Work Participation Rate (WPR) of CalWORKs recipients by expanding job training and certified employment in trades needed locally, reengagement of sanctioned customers, and expansion of the subsidized Work Experience (WEX) program.  This represents a cumulative WPR of 44.72%
·     Partnered with the San Bernardino County Housing Authority, and successfully served 532 families and permanently housed 334 families through the CalWORKs Housing Support Program, which assists families in quickly obtaining permanent housing and provides wrap-around support to foster housing retention.
·     Customer Service Center continues to handle customer inquiries for CalWORKs/Calfresh/Medi-Cal continuing cases, to include Health Care Reform calls. Over 1,342,461 calls were offered countywide (111,872 per mo.), freeing-up staff resources in district offices to focus on increased caseloads.
·     Received four (4) National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Awards for Processing Center, Leaders in Action Workshop, Housing Support Program (HSP), and our Family Stabilization program, in collaboration with the Department of Behavioral Health.

·     Continued to partner with Technical Employment and Training (TET) Inc. to provide CalWORKs recipients with an industry-based training in manufacturing. Program participants achieved a 66% graduation rate and all graduates successfully passed the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) certification. To date, approximately 67% of program graduates have entered employment in the manufacturing field. This is a 43% increase over 2015 total customers employed.   

·     TAD staff successfully authorized more than 11,200 additional Medi-Cal cases, including Affordable Care Act (ACA) cases from July 2015 through May 2016. This represents a 2.8% increase over last fiscal year. These cases represent low-income eligible customers/families into Medi-Cal programs for which they qualify.

·     Continued expansion and use of C4Yourself website for access to CalWORKs, Medi-Cal and Calfresh benefits for county residents, and the ability to complete annual re-certifications online. Currently the County receives over 8,000 electronic applications per month via the C4Yourself website.
·     Continued growth of the TAD Leaders in Action Workshop which helps participants gain a better understanding of the department’s opportunities for advancement, which encourages promotion within the organization.  This represents a 31% promotion rate for the participants, and is expected to continue to impact TAD and countywide succession planning for years to come.


Our Department continues to provide outreach for services we provide. The following outreach initiatives are currently in place and in part resulted in the receipt of the 2013 'Freshy' Award from the California Food Policy Advocates (CFPA) CalFresh Forum. 
  • Use of C4Yourself Website - Access to CalWORKs, Medi-Cal and CalFresh benefits for county residents, and the ability to complete annual recertification’s online. Online applications: Over 30% are for CalFresh, 17% for Medi-Cal and about 28% for CalWORKs. Currently the County receives between 9,000  and 12,000 applications per month via (an increase of nearly 200% over previous year avg. of 4600/mo.) with over 50% of these being CalFresh applications.
  • Increased San Bernardino County Resident Awareness of TAD services - (CalWORKs/CalFresh/Medi-Cal and C4Yourself online application) by participating in over 60 community fairs/events resulting in an increase of 30% over the previous year. Currently working with Aging and Adult Services to target seniors for CalFresh participation via use of portable laptop PCs, receiving  a NACo award for these efforts. Also worked with local CBOs and the consortia (C-IV) to
  • CalFresh Consortium  - A county-wide collaboration of Community and Faith based organizations (CBO/FBO’s), and public agencies that meet regularly to address public awareness, access and participation in the CalFresh program in relation to hunger needs within the County. The County conducted training for over 150 attendees in April 2012 on how to use the on-line application to apply for benefits.  Data reflects that on-line application use continues to grow, with an additional 5% increase noted since the CBO/FBO training.
  • Collaboration with Probation Department for Day Reporting Centers (DRCs) – A local initiative/collaboration with County Probation was developed to promote services to early release State prison parolees (AB 109, California State legislation required the State Prisons to do early release of non-violent offenders to reduce prison overcrowding). Through mutual agreement several social service and public health agencies provided integrated on-site services and staff, with TAD providing EWs for the purpose of enrolling eligible persons into the CalFresh.
Technology and Process Initiatives to
Increase Customer Access and Service “Experience”
Our Department continues to focus efforts on ensuring the customer experience is conducive to access and reducing barriers to participation. Especially important are initiatives that provide ease of access, some high lights include:
  • Self Serve Lobby KIOSK – Kiosks which have the ability to image and accept documents and provide receipts. This technology results in reduced wait times for customers in the lobby.
  • Wireless Bar Code Readers (WBR) - Hand held devices which scan and accept customer documents while in the lobby, providing customer receipts and reducing/eliminating lobby wait times.
  • Child-care rooms with attendants are an essential make-up of our lobby design and service premise, allowing parents who must bring their children to attend to the application process without distraction. 

CSC 1-877-410-8826 (Toll Free)

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