Receiving Medi-Cal Benefits

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What is Medi-Cal?
The Medi-Cal program pays for health care for certain needy residents of California, including public assistance recipients. Medi-Cal is supported by federal and state taxes. Pregnant women and children have been the focus of outreach efforts by the State of California for enrollment in the Medi-Cal program. 
Who qualifies for Medi-Cal?
Individuals who are potentially eligible for Medi-Cal include those who are:
  • 65 years or older
  • Blind
  • Disabled
  • Under 21 years of age
  • Pregnant
  • In a skilled nursing or intermediate care home
  • Refugees (limited timeframe)
  • Parent or caretaker relative of  a child under 21 if the child’s parent is:
    • Deceased
    • Absent
    • Incapacitated
    • Unemployed or underemployed
Citizenship Requirements
To receive full-scope Medi-Cal or ArrowCare benefits, citizens may be requested to provide an original or certified copy of:
  • Birth certificates, or
  • Other acceptable proof of citizenship.
Citizens who are unable to provide the proof may be eligible for restricted Medi-Cal to cover:
  • Pregnancy, and
  • Emergency services
California Residency
Proof of California residency is required to receive benefits under Medi-Cal or ArrowCare Programs, such as:
  • Valid California Driver License
  • Utility bill
  • Rent receipt
  • Mortgage statement
  • Paystub from California emplo
  • yer
Renewing/Continuing Medi-Cal Benefits
While the Medi-Cal (MC) case is open, the continuing Eligibility Worker (EW) completes various tasks to verify ongoing eligibility and correct issuance of benefits.
For information, or instructions on continuing or renewing your Medi-Cal benefits, click here.

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