Renewing/Continuing Medi-Cal Benefits

Renewing/Continuing Medi-Cal or ArrowCare Benefits
When a Medi-Cal case is approved, the first annual Re-Evaluation (RE) will be due in the 12th benefit month. Medi-Cal customers are able to submit e-applications in C4Yourself which will suffice for an RE. Customers who submitted the initial intake application in C4Yourself will receive a message in his/her C4Yourself account indicating an RE is due and a new application is available for completion.
To Inquire About Medi-Cal or ArrowCare Benefits
The easiest and quickest way for existing customers to inquire about their current benefits is online at or by calling our Customer Service Center at 1-877-410-8829.

CSC 1-877-410-8826 (Toll Free)

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