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Transitional Assistance Department

Mission Statement
The mission of the Transitional Assistance Department is to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve by providing economic support to individuals and families. We are committed to working collaboratively to provide our services accurately and efficiently, with a high emphasis on integrity, respect and customer service.

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Services and Programs

CalWORKs provides temporary financial assistance and employment related services to families with minor children. Homeless Assistance is included in this program.
The CalFresh program (previously Food Stamps) is a nutritional assistance program designed to help single people and families with little or no income to buy food.
The Medi-Cal program pays for health care for certain needy residents of California, including public assistance recipients.
General Relief (GR)
The County General Relief (GR) program provides loan assistance to indigent individuals and families in temporary need of housing, food, and/or transportation. General Relief is the only TAD program that is totally funded, as well as administered, by the County of San Bernardino.
TAD operates a child care program funded by California Department of Social Services (CDSS). This program provides child care payments to providers on behalf of CalWORKs recipients in approved work or training programs, parents in child protective services cases, and the working poor.
Welfare to Work
The Welfare to Work program is a component of CalWORKs. The program assists CalWORKs recipients in obtaining employment that leads to their self-sufficiency.
A list of the most commonly asked questions related to the various cash assistance programs administered by San Bernardino County Transitional Assistance Department.
Information on how to apply for CalWORKs, CalFreshMedi-Cal and Child Care Assistance.