CBI - Criminal Background Investiground Unit
The staff includes:
·         (1) CBI Supervisor
·         (1) CBI Lead
·         (6) CBI Clerks

CBI-Criminal Background Investigation Unit processes all of the background checks submitted to the DOJ for all of the IHSS & Public Authority providers. CBI receives and enters all of the Live Scan forms that are submitted by providers once they have been fingerprinted. The Live Scan Forms help the CBI unit track which providers have been fingerprinted and also help provide the contact information for the providers once their background checks come back from the Department of Justice.

CBI receives and reviews all of the background checks received from the Department of Justice. Once a provider is hired by a recipient:

·         The provider must go to their local IHSS office and pick up a Live Scan packet to get fingerprinted.
·         Provider must choose a fingerprint location to get fingerprinted
·         Once the provider gets fingerprinted they will receive 2 copies back of their Live Scan form filled in by the fingerprint agent. The provider must bring a copy of the form to their local IHSS/Public Authority office.

The live scan center sends the fingerprints electronically to the Department of Justice in Sacramento. The DOHJ will send the providers CBI information to the Public Authority for review and processing.

*Please note there is no exact turnaround timeframe for the DOJ. Usually, if there are NO issues it should take from 10-45 days.

*If a provider has ever been arrested then there will probably be a Delay which may cause a delay of 6months or more.

Once the Public Authority receives the CBI information from the DOJ they review and process the information. If ELIGIBLE, a clearance packet is sent to the provider. If NOT eligible a Failed Tier 1 or Tier 2 packet will be sent to the provider.
Once the provider receives their Clearance packet and has an IHSS client, they must take the Clearance packet and attend an IHSS Orientation. At orientation an Enrollment packet will be provided. Once the provider obtains clients signature and paperwork is completed the Entire stapled packet must be turned in to your local IHSS office. (Click on Enrollment tab for further enrollment info).