Consumer Corner

What is the Public Authority Registry?

​The Public Authority Registry brings together people who need care in their own homes with “Individual Providers” – those who want to provide you with that care. Through the program, Individual Providers (IPs) are put in touch with Consumers to perform domestic and/or personal tasks in your home. IPs assist you in many important ways, including:

  • Preparing meals and feeding
  • Keeping the house clean
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Shopping and laundry
  • Assisting with personal care

In short, an IP can become a trusted and very important partner in allowing you to live independently in your own home. For more information about the aspects of being a Consumer.

How Do I Sign-Up to Join the Registry?

​In order to join the Registry, all Consumers must already be in the IHSS program. If you are not already enrolled in the IHSS program, please call the San Bernardino County Intake Line at 1-877-800-4544. If you are already enrolled in the IHSS Program, please call 1-866-985-6322 (option 4) and inform the Public Authority staff you would like to apply to become a Consumer on the Registry and they will direct you to the appropriate Registry staff member.


How the Public Authority Registry Can Assist You?

​At the Registry, we work to match the IHSS client with pre-screened IPs. We can often assist you in finding IPs in your area by matching their availability and schedules with your needs. Additionally, the Registry staff can help you with resources that can assist you with your search for an IP. Although the Registry staff is able to provide you assistance, you are the IP’s employer and have the responsibility for hiring, training, supervising and – if needed – firing IPs.


What are the Benefits of Hiring an Individual Provider through the Registry?

When you hire an IP through the Public Authority Registry, you know that the person has been screened with your safety and needs in mind. Prior to sending you a list of IPs, the Registry requires all IPs to successfully complete several steps designed to ensure safety and competence. Each IP must:

  • Pass a State Department of Justice (DOJ) criminal background check.
  • Pass reference checks completed by the Public Authority staff
  • Complete an in-person PA Information Session designed to help them learn about the Public Authority and IHSS programs.
  • Complete a CPR/First Aid class (optional).
  • Complete an IHSS Orientation.

These steps are required for all Registry IPs and are important safeguards for you.

Our mission at the Registry is to:

  • Assist those who need care in their own homes to live with dignity and quality
  • Support in-home IPs in providing that care
  • Provide both you and your IP with committed, innovative, and excellent services