Health Benefits

This program is designed for a limited number of IHSS providers who are not eligible for Medi-Cal, Medicare, or other health insurance. Please select the link for additional information including Benefits FAQs.

The Individual Providers’ health benefits plan is contracted through Dublin Insurance which provides separate plans for Health, Dental, and Vision. Dublin Insurance is the administrator and resource for membership and general questions regarding coverage for each plan.

Eligibility for health benefits is dependent upon individual providers meeting the following minimum requirements:

  • Paid timely for a minimum of 80 hours, two consecutive months. The Public Authority uses state payroll information to determine if this requirement is being met and it is up to the IP to ensure their timesheets are turned in on time each pay period.

  • Submit a completed health benefits application when invited to participate in the plan. It is important for IPs to keep their contact information updated with their Social Workers at In Home Supportive Services and clerks for the Public Authority if the IP is part of the Registry.

  • Agree by signature on the application to pay the monthly premium of $60/mo which is automatically deducted from the Individual Provider’s paycheck. If the IP receives advance pay, the amount will be billed on a monthly basis.
Note: The requirements listed above are subject to change following written notice to individual providers covered by the plan, as well as IPs on the waiting list. Please contact the Public Authority, 1-866-985-6322 (option 2, then 2) for any questions regarding eligibility.

Health Benefits Flyer