The Registry is a customized database that matches the needs of IHSS clients with pre-qualified Registry Home Care Providers. Participation in the San Bernardino County IHSS Public Authority Registry is voluntary and is not a requirement to receive In-Home Supportive Services benefits. Once individuals qualify for In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) and their hours are assessed and approved, it is the responsibility of the consumer to locate and hire an Individual Provider (home care worker). Locating and hiring an Individual Provider can be a difficult process. This is where the IHSS Public Authority Registry can step in and help. The primary purpose of the San Bernardino County Public Authority Registry is to provide a free and voluntary process through which IHSS consumers in need of assistance and IHSS Individual Provider applicants in need of employment can be “matched” in an effort to deliver in-home support services.
The goal of the IHSS Public Authority Registry is to help
facilitate these employment relationships.
The staff includes:
  • (1) Registry Manager
  • (4) Registry Clerks
  • (5) Registry Specialists
  • (1) Lead
Registry Specialists are trained individuals whose skills enable them to use a comprehensive computerized program that maintains a list of available Individual Providers who have been screened. The needs of the Consumers are electronically matched to the task and duties that a provider is willing to render. Once the list of possible “matches” has been created by the Registry staff, this information is then relayed to the Consumer who makes a determination regarding the potential Individual Provider they wish to form an employment relationship with.

Another function of the Registry Specialists is to help Consumers understand their role of being the employer of an Individual Provider. This is either done via telephone or by conducting a Home Visit. Assisting Consumers comes in the form of helping them to understand the process of selecting, hiring, employing, supervising, and if necessary, the firing of an Individual Provider. In addition, Registry Specialists assist IHSS clients by providing problem resolution and mediation techniques to improve the employer/employee relationship. The Registry conducts Department of Justice criminal background checks and provides CPR/First Aid training to all registry providers. Registry staff is constantly recruiting and screening individuals throughout San Bernardino County, who are interested in providing in-home support services. This enables us to maintain our goal of having a sufficient number of quality Individual Providers available to work for the Consumers who utilize our services.

If you are enrolled in the In-Home Supportive Services program and want help finding a provider, call Registry Staff at 1-866-985-6322 (option 3).