Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to attend these classes?

  • ​​Providers on the Public Authority registry are required to attend CPR/First Aid trainings or have a current Adult/Child CPR/First Aid card at all times.                                                                                         
  • All other trainings are voluntary. Both new and experienced caregivers who have previously attended classes have stated that the classes offer valuable information as well as enhancing their chances of being hired.

Will these classes help me find employment?​

Many caregivers have stated that these classes have enhanced their employment opportunities. If you are on the PA registry, all of the classes you complete will show on each list that is sent to consumers looking to hire caregivers. Clients prefer to hire caregivers who are trained.

Will I receive certification for attending these classes?

Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance for each class they attend. We recommend you assemble a binder with your certificates to demonstrate your learning experiences to potential employers.

What if I can’t attend a class when it is offered?
  • ​Most Caregiver Training classes are repeated throughout the year, and you will have an opportunity to attend at a later date.                                                                                                                    
  • If you are scheduled to attend a CPR/First Aid training it is your responsibility to contact the PA office and cancel or reschedule at least 72 hours ahead of time. Failure to do so may result in your being removed from the registry and may affect your ability to register for future classes.
How will I know when a class is offered again?

Call the Training Information Line at (866) 985-6322 option 6 to hear a listing of future class dates and times. Flyers are also posted in your local IHSS Public Authority offices.

I am applying to the Public Authority Registry. Am I eligible to attend classes?

If you are a new applicant and are not working for an IHSS client, you are not eligible to attend classes until you have completed the application process and are made Available on the PA registry.


How do I register for classes?

You can register by calling the Training Unit at 866-985-6322 Option 6