​​Children born to women who use alcohol and illicit drugs during pregnancy represent a large population of children at high risk for long term health and behavioral health difficulties. These children are at the core of the child welfare population in San Bernardino County and present with multiple problems that require interactions with a wide variety of County agencies. Furthermore, just as prenatal exposure to alcohol or drugs as well as premature birth and poor maternal nutrition can harm fetal brain development, family violence, substance abuse in the family or maternal depression can interfere with the child’s brain development after birth.
Children and their families living in San Bernardino County shall receive a comprehensive continuum of screening, assessment, referral, treatment and prevention services to ensure that:
  • Babies are born free of exposure to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
  • Children are raised in a safe and nurturing home.
  • Children and families achieve optimal health and development.
Program Description
The SART program is funded by a dual contract between Department of Behavioral Health and First 5 San Bernardino. Children ages 0-6 will be screened, assessed and referred for treatment through a universal collaborative and standardized process that strengthens and builds on existing programs in the community.
The goal of SART is to improve the mental and social functioning of children as measured by school readiness and the achievement of appropriate developmental milestones.




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