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Many veterans qualify for local, state or federal benefits and they don't even know it.

Though you may not have served in the military for the expressed purpose of collecting veterans' benefits after you served, the benefits are yours nonetheless. The variety of benefits available to many veterans are numerous and range from monetary benefits to college tuition waivers for your kids.

Come in to one of our offices and we will conduct a brief interview to determine your eligibility for benefits of all types. If you are eligible for benefits, we complete the application forms with you and submit them on your behalf.

We see all our clients on a walk-in basis and our services are always free-of-charge. Come in soon and see if you qualify!


California Department of Motor Vehicles has begun offering a "VETERAN" designation on driver license and identification cards for retired veterans and veterans discharged from the military under conditions other than dishonorable.

To get started, visit a County VA office and bring your discharge papers (Form DD-214). We will issue you a Veteran Status Verification form that you can take to DMV.