Get Involved


The Head Start Program is mandated by the Federal Program Performance Standards to have a system for parent involvement in all aspects of the program. Head Start Parents are foremost in the program and their responsibilities may range from classroom volunteers to membership in the Shared Governance Board (SGB).

Parents in the program are encouraged to attend and join class, center and / or policy committees at the Head Start site. Monthly meetings beginning in September encourage full participation by parents. The Program Generalists and Site Supervisors coordinate the first meeting of the parents in order to provide information that explains the program, its expectations and the numerous program services and the responsibilities of being a parent in the program.
Also, at this initial meeting, the Program Generalist will provide a brief description of the different parent committees, parents' responsibilities as members and purpose of organizing a Center Committee / Policy Committee. Once organized, the members will have elections of officers including election of a Policy Council Representative and alternate who will participate in the County-wide Parent Policy Council. The PSD Parent Policy Council is the representative body that participates in the decision making process regarding the overall operations of the program.
Membership in the SGB is a responsibility reserved for 3 members of the Policy Council's Executive Board. The SGB is made up of representatives of the Board of Supervisors, County Department Heads, and Parent Policy Council.
Parents in the Head Start Program are strongly encouraged to participate in their child's education through involvement in their child's school as volunteers in the classroom. To volunteer in the classroom, all you need to do is contact your teacher or the site supervisor and make arrangements to volunteer. Volunteers may be asked to read stories to the children, join in play, or assist the teaching staff in preparing classroom materials.
Community members (former Head Start parents, private community, civic and professional organizations who are familiar with resources / services to low-income children and families), who are interested in the Head Start Program, may attend Committee and Policy Council meetings. Community members, who are interested in becoming a member of the PSD Policy Council, may submit a letter of interest to:
662 South Tippecanoe Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0630
Attention: Tina Pham, Program Specialist II
Membership in the Policy Council is limited to a three-year period for parents of enrolled children and one year for community members. New memberships are accepted prior to the beginning of the school year in September. Community members are presented to the seated Policy Council membership for approval. This action is accomplished at their first meeting in October