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Veterans ID Card Program

vet id card redesign.jpg

ID Card Application

Honorably-discharged veterans can get a County-issued photo ID from a County V.A. office.

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors approved issuance of Military Veteran ID Cards similar to those currently available in several California counties including Kings County and Butte County. Honorably-discharged veterans can apply for an ID card from the County V.A. office in Hesperia, Rancho Cucamonga or San Bernardino and be issued a card similar to that pictured here:

 The main purpose of the ID Card is to make our county's veterans easily and surely recognizable to any area merchant that offers a benefit to veterans who patronize their business. Some local merchants already offer various benefits to veterans, such as a discount on purchase, a free item, or preferred status. With this card, the veteran will not need to carry a copy of their military discharge papers to prove their Veteran status, nor will they need to go to the Loma Linda V.A. hospital to apply for an ID card which may or may not be issued.

This program has the potential to benefit all involved: Veterans will have ready proof of their status as an honorably-discharged veteran and they will benefit from patronizing Vet-Friendly businesses. Business owners may recognize increased sales as veterans and those who support them choose to frequent Vet-Friendly businesses over competitors. County VA will also benefit as we identify veterans who may be eligible for federal monetary benefits that we can help them obtain, which in turn helps the community at large.

ID Card Application