Director's Statement

Thank you
for taking the time to visit our website. PSD administers the Federal Head Start, Early Head Start, Early Head Start - Child Care Partnership and State Preschool programs in 41 locations throughout San Bernardino County.

Our program primarily serves low income and disadvantaged families with children from the ages of 0 to 5. This population also includes children in foster care, those who are homeless and children with special needs and or disabilities. Many of these children would have no access to preschool without our program.

The Power of Preschool

This is important because research shows that during their school years and beyond, children who attend quality preschool:
  • Are less likely to be placed in special education or held back a grade
  • Exhibit more positive classroom behaviors and perform better on standardized math and reading tests
  • Are more likely to graduate from high school and continue their education
  • Earn more money and are less likely to go on welfare; and
  • Are less likely to become involved in crime.
Diana Alexander
In fact, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California, a bipartisan, nonprofit, anti-crime organization led by more than 400 sheriffs, police chiefs, district attorneys and violence survivors issued a report entitled "Pay Now or Pay Much More Later" in 2012 that states there is solid evidence that preschool education is an effective way to get kids on the right path to avoid costly problems later. For every dollar invested, society gained approximately $16 in return.

Holistic Services to Families

Although school readiness is clearly essential, we believe that the family and community are the most fundamental influences in the lives of children. Aside from educational needs, children also need supportive home environments combined with safe and stable communities to meet their maximum potential. In short, if you strengthen families and communities, you automatically improve the lives of children.

To this end, our program offers comprehensive child development and family services to all enrolled children and families. We incorporate state health, nutritional, and psychological services with school readiness because these services strengthen the child's capability to participate successfully in school.

Additionally, we strive to empower families by providing access to services and resources responsive to their needs, including: Opportunities for continuing education, employment training and job placement services; emergency or crisis assistance in areas such as food, housing, clothing, and transportation; and appropriate interventions, including participation in counseling and/or information on mental health issues that place families at risk, such as substance abuse, child abuse and neglect, and domestic violence.


In addition to our children and families, the success of our agency also depends on the dedication and quality of our staff and volunteers. Students, seniors, present/former Head Start parents or anyone with a passion for working with children and/or serving the public are highly encouraged to go to the county's current job opportunities and apply for the jobs listed under PSD.


Equally important, our volunteers are a treasure and are welcomed here. If you are interested in volunteering your time, we can use your services. Go to the Volunteer page to get more information about volunteering in our programs. As a Volunteer, you may go into the classroom and help the teaching staff or may help out in administrative or clerical functions, whatever interests you. Your time and commitment are a highly valued benefit to the Department.

We sincerely thank you for taking time to visit our website. We hope you find it informative.

Diana Alexander, Director