​​​Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect                       

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The Office of Child Abuse Prevention offers free Mandated Reporter Training for individuals identifed as Mandated Reporters:   https://mandatedreporterca.com/
  Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect  - recognize signs of CAN.pdf

Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

Who should report allegations of abuse or neglect?

 The Department of Children and Family Services encourages everyone to report suspected child abuse and neglect, however, certain professions are mandated to report suspected child abuse and neglect. 
The reporter's identity is confidential, but a name should be given so the Department could follow-up contact with the reporter if necessary.                                                                                      
The reporter is free from civil or criminal liability for reports of suspected child abuse or neglect made in good faith.
 What information should be reported?
 The nature of specific incident(s) you are reporting and
·         Date(s) and descriptions(s) of the injuries or dangers
·         Identities of perpetrator(s) and their relationship/s to the child
·         Witnesses to the incident(s) and how they may be reached
·         Details of any physical evidence available
·         The perpetrator's current access to the child
·         Present condition/status of the child (for example: in need of medical attention)
·         The location of the child 
·         Statements from the child(ren) when possible