How the County can help with adoption?

  • Contact Children and Family Services (CFS) Placement Resources Division at: 800-722-4477 to access information about adoption and start the application process.
  • You will be contacted by a social worker within a few weeks of submitting an application. 
  • The process takes about 16-20 weeks. Placement can occur any time after that.
  • Children and Family Services will provide a social worker who has specialized training in adoption and permanency planning to assist you with the process.
  • CFS has flexible hours to meet the needs of working families.  Social workers can schedule meetings in the evening, if that works best for you.
  • We can provid​e financial and medical assistance until the child is 18 years old.
  • We can provide on-going training and counseling for the child and family as you get to know each other.

Please contact Children and Family Services at Llittle@hss.sbcounty.gov for any additional information regarding adoptions.

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