Welcome to the Heart Gallery of San Bernardino County Children and Family Services. Please take a moment to view this inspiring display of portraits featuring children in the Foster Care System who remain in need of a nurturing and permanent family to call their own.
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Eleven-year-old Brittney is always smiling. She has long brown hair, big brown eyes, and a beautiful complexion. She enjoys being free to crawl and wonder around her environment and she loves to explore outdoors. Brittney loves to eat and will always let you know when she is hungry. Brittney is a happy and pleasant young lady who likes a lot of attention. Brittany desires a loving family with other children just like her.

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Myra is a very happy child. She has beautiful dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and a huge smile. She is very easy going, loves music, and watching Disney movies. Myra rarely cries out and can communicate with caregivers through body language. Myra is looking for a family willing to care for her, share in lots of activities, and spend time with her outdoors. 

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Angelica is a beautiful young lady who is sensitive, honest and reliable. She enjoys cooking baking and performing with her high school choir. She has aspirations of becoming a singer, but is also interested in the social work and nursing fields. She has already passed her CAHSEES. Angelica has a big heart and hopes to share it with a family who makes a lifelong commitment to her through adoption.

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Ernesto wants to be a police officer when he grows up. He is full of energy and loves to explore. One will find him enjoying his video gmaes or riding his bike throughout the neighborhood. He does well in school and has a maturity beyond his years. Ernesto easily makes frinds and is well liked by all.


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Jesus is an animal lover who wants to become a veterinarian. He has a warm smile and caring nature. He is polite and loves to help out with the chores. He is thoughtful and kind, often thinking of the needs of others before his own. He likes to ride his bike and play basketball. His favorite subject math, because "numbers do not change" and he is progressing well academically.


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Trevor is a young man who enjoys laughing, playing and talking with others. He enjoys drawing and coloring, playing board games, and dancing. Trevor also plays soccer in a special needs league and enjoys going to school. Trevor is hoping to find an adoptive family that is patient and willing to meet all of his developmental and special needs and will provide him with a positive and stable environment.


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