The Children

Children range in age from birth to teenagers. Children come from all ethnicities, and from all kinds of families. Some are single children and others are part of a sibling set who want to stay together. more info

​Ways in which We will help you

Adoption does not have to take "forever." There are children currently awaiting permanent families. Once you submit an application a social worker will contact you within a few weeks.  The "getting to know you" process takes approximately 16-20 weeks. Placement can occur any time after that.          

For more information

If you would like more information about becoming an adoptive or foster parent please call: Lorraine Little-Tant (909) 531-2140 or 1-800-722-4477

  Orientations are scheduled twice a month in 2019.


Adoption Process and Services - https://www.sanbernardinoforkids.com/​

For more information, call the San Bernardino County Adoption Service at (909) 891-3300 or 1-800-722-4477

or  email: llittle@hss.sbcounty.gov


Please visit our new Resource Family Approval website for more information: https://www.sanbernardinoforkids.com/​


County Adoption Service
1495 E  Street
San Bernardino, CA 92415​


 What services does County Adoption Service provide?  

The County Adoption Service helps a child become a permanent member of another family. This becomes necessary when a child is not able to be safely returned to his or her family.

Who are the children waiting for adoption?

Many children await adoption in foster homes. Most of these children have been removed from their families and their parents or guardian's parental rights have been terminated 
due to abuse, abandonment, or severe neglect. Some children are available for adoption because their parents or guardians have voluntarily relinquished their parental rights.
These children vary in age, ethnicity, and cultural background. Many have special needs or are more difficult to place due to one or more of the following conditions:
  • They are members of a sibling group and wish to be adopted together by one family.
  • They have a mental, physical, medical or emotional impairments.
  • They are three years old or older (not infants or very young toddlers)
  • They come from adverse parental backgrounds (i.e., drug addiction, mental or physical illness).

What are the requirements to adopt a child?

To be successful, adoptive parents must be prepared to provide a lot of love and must be patient, tolerant, flexible, energetic, competent and have a good sense of humor. 
They must posses or be willing to develop special skills and abilities to assist their child in becoming a successful independent adults.  Successful adoptive families must understand that adoption is a life-time commitment. You may be eligible to adopt a child if you are a resident of San Bernardino County, single or married, 21 years or older, in good physical and mental health, and approved by the County Adoption Service.

How do you get started?


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