Considering Adoption for Your Child

San Bernardino County Children and Family Services Adoption Agency places children for adoption when:

The parent voluntarily "relinquishes" (gives up) parenting rights and responsibilities to the adoption agency, or
A parent's parental rights are involuntarily "terminated" (taken away) by the Court.

Adoption is the legal process transferring parental rights from the birth parents to another set of parents, permanently. read more

Reasons for Voluntary Relinquishment

When a child is a Juvenile Court dependent, the law (WIC 358.1 e) requires the social worker to discuss whether the parent(s) have been advised of their option to participate in adoption planning, including the option to enter into a "Post Adoption Contact Agreement.

Parents may consider voluntary relinquishment when they are unable to meet the child's needs in a safe and permanent home environment, because of:

Severe personal problems
Lack of family support
Health or financial problems
Other life situations preventing them from parenting their children.

Adoption Agency Services

The adoption agency is here to help parents make decisions about themselves and their child's future. You and the Adoption Social Worker can discuss:

Your wishes and all available options
Your child's needs
How adoption works
Your family history and medical information, and
Your feelings about giving up parental rights, before and after you relinquish your child.

Birth Parent Participation

If you decide to voluntarily give up parental rights, and the adoption agency accepts the relinquishment, you may be able to:

Choose the adopting parents
Allow the adoption agency to select the adopting parents for the child.
Arrange with the social worker to meet the adopting parent(s) before child is placed.
Discuss the possibility of a Post adoption
Contact Agreement for contact with your child after the adoption.

After the Relinquishment

After you have discussed your concerns with the social worker, as well as legal matters and the child's adoptability, the adoption agency may accept the relinquishment.

After accepting the relinquishment, the social worker will:

File the relinquishment with the State Department of Social Services, either immediately or within 30 days, according to your wishes.
Be available to help with any remaining emotional issues.
Keep you informed about your child until the adoption is .finalized.

The decision to relinquish your child should be made only after you carefully consider all options and what is best for your child.

More Information

If you would like to know more about adoption, please call: (909) 891-3300 and ask for a Birth Parent Worker or the Birth Parent Program Supervisor.

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