​Foster Youth Online and Hotline Help

Behavioral Health (Mental Health) Resources

24-HR hotline (888) 743-1478

Substance Use Disorder 24/7 Helpline (800)968-2636

California Youth Crisis Line 24/7 (800) 843-5200

Other services and supports https://wp.sbcounty.gov/dbh/otherservices/  



Information Every Foster Youth Should Know!

If you are a teen in foster care there is a website just for you!
 Visit it today to discover what you can do!. more info


Independent Living Program Should Know!

ILP is nationwide program designed to provide basic life skills, career exploration and job readiness preparation for foster teens.
In this program, the eligible teens (16-21 years of age) will learn skills to prepare them to transition to adulthood and living on their own. 



ILP Staff Coordinator:
Maria Moto, (909) 388-6716
ILP Social Worker
Sophia Moreno, (909) 723-7448



Extended Foster Care (over 18 program)

AB12 Fact Sheet

Goals and Benefits

Foster youth will be able to maintain a safety net of support while experiencing independence in a secure and supervised living environment. Read more in the AB12 Fact Sheet (above) and for more information go to:

Extended Foster Care (AB 12)  


Medical Insurance and Counseling

All foster youth are eligible for Medi-Cal (Health Insurance) coverage until his or her 21st birthday.   
If you have or are going to emancipate from foster care contact your If you have or are going to emancipate from foster care contact your your social worker to sign-up for the Extended Medi-Cal Program.
Med-Cal Hot-Line
If you already have Medi-Cal and have questions about bills for medical care or pharmacy costs, you can contact the Medi-Cal Hotline at 916-636-1980. (You must have a current Medi-Cal card when you call this number.)
If you are in need of Mental Health services you may contact the Department of Behavioral Health:  (909) 421-9233