Who Are We?

Children and Family Services (CFS) is a department within San Bernardino County which is dedicated to protecting and promoting the well-being of abused, neglected or exploited children in our county. CFS values collaboration with community agencies and private citizens to accomplish our mission of protecting children and promoting their well-being.  

What Do We Do?

CFS receives and reviews allegations of child abuse and neglect made within San Bernardino County and provides intervention and support services to families and children when those allegations are substantiated.  We provide family-centered programs and services designed to ensure a safe, permanent, and nurturing environment for children while strengthening and attempting to preserve the family unit. CFS works to prevent further harm to children from physical or mental injury, sexual abuse, exploitation, or neglect. CFS services provide support for families while reducing risks to children.  CFS services strive to improve parenting skills and  strengthen social support networks for families.  Our first priority is to keep children in their homes by providing services and resources to stabilize their families. However, if it is determined that a child cannot safely remain at home, placement with an appropriate relative is the first alternative considered.  If an appropriate relative is not available, the child may be placed into foster care or another placement.  The primary concern of CFS is always the safety and well being of all children.