There is a continuous need for qualified foster parents in San Bernardino County.  In 2013 there were approximately 4,500 children in "out-of-home placement".  Most are placed with relatives (35%) or Foster Family Agencies (31%) and about 5% or 225 children each year are placed in private Foster Homes. Foster parents open their homes and hearts to the children in their care.  




Foster parenting restores hope, renews self-confidence, and gives a child a chance for the future.
It takes time, and it takes effort to be a foster parent. By providing for these children a loving and accepting family, you offer them a chance for the future.




Your greatest reward as a foster parent may well be the CHALLENGE of caring for a child who may never have experienced living in a safe and loving home. 


Foster parenting involves people who understand the needs of the children and who care. There is no perfect age or background to be a foster parent (you must be an adult). All kinds of people for all kinds of children.
Foster Home Services will train and assist you to become a successful foster parent.
To learn more on how to become a foster parent in San Bernardino County, To learn more on how to become a foster parent in San Bernardino County, please call us at 1-800-722-4477.